Small comfortable attic with relaxing bright interior

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Bright colors and relaxing tones dominate the interior of this comfortable two-bedroom attic. Prisca Pellerin Architecture & Intérieur, designed the apartment called Living under the roof in a modern, harmonious style – a result of a complete renovation of the space.

The aim of the project to rebuild the attic was to change the spatial organization of the interior and create a warm atmosphere with bright colors. The new organization and the play with bright colors and textures are key for better flow of light, transparency and pleasant energy that permeates the space.

Before rebuilding the attic it had damaged floors and ceiling beams that required a necessary renewal and refreshment. The architects have retained and restored part of the old stable architectural elements, while those who were already worn out and ruined were completely replaced with new ones. The old beams and wooden floors were refreshed with new color to give them a new life, returning its shine and naturalness of the wood.

The interior is warm, appealing and convenient – features that are obtained by inserting natural materials like wood. The range of materials with glossy and matte finishes manage to create a dynamic play of light and shadow which emphasizes the spaciousness of the attic and gives almost sculptural expression of the interior. The end result of the renovation project is an attic with a small but practical and bright interior that provides comfortable housing for one family.

(Photo Credits: Hugo Hébrard)

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