A school in Australia with creative interior

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Children from the neighborhood City Beach in Perth enjoy learning in their new school Guildford Preparatory School.

The educational building as a new station for education and socialization of children has a creative interior that inspires learning and socialization and spacious green areas and playgrounds for games after school.

The school is designed as a whole composed of several separate buildings that are connected to external classrooms, spacious green areas and social spaces for rest and recreation. The object is made with a brick and stone facade with unobtrusive modernized traditional expression that conveys the historical importance and heritage of the campus Guildford. Behind the façade children can enjoy the colorful contemporary interior of the creative classrooms. Some of the classrooms and school areas are designed as comfortable informal spaces. Architects embedded wooden structures that open onto the windows and offer a view of the courtyard. The structures are coated with soft, comfortable colorful material where children can sit, lie down, play or read, as if they are hidden in a small tree house.

The corridors also have colorful soft benches and space where students can relax, read or socialize with classmates between classes. The entire interior has a colorful, easy, cheerful note that creates a pleasant learning atmosphere.

Guildford Grammar Preparatory School with its architectural structure is oriented to visually connect with other educational units of the complex and common spaces for games and education. This way, children around the complex can establish dialogue and mutual interaction that make their education and socialization more effective.

(Photo Credits: Douglas Mark Black)


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