Devil’s corner – a unique tourist experience on the Tasman coast

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The project “Devil’s Corner” aims to create a unique tourist experience in the heart of the picturesque East Coast of Tasmania.

This striking object is made from prefabricated shipping containers positioned to create architectural structure with geometric expression designed by Cumulus Studio.

Devil’s Corner consists of a panoramic tower, food market and winery located in the middle of the incredible wine vineyards and overlooking the sea horizon. All three architectural units of the Devil’s Corner are made of prefabricated structures from recycled containers lined with wooden panels. The entire object is surrounded by pleasant urban space with benches that serve for rest and relaxation of tourists who come to visit this wine region in Tasmania.

For the construction of Devil’s Corner architects used a total of 10 prefabricated containers, of which 5 for the panoramic tower and 5 for the food market and wine cellar. Devil’s Corner offers a new, different experience for tourists of Tasmania who want to become one with the island beauty.

In the wine cellar you can taste authentic premium wines bearing the name Devil’s Corner, while the food market offers delicacies with a local flavor – these two areas combined with the panoramic tower allow tourists to taste the culture, history and tradition of the country.

(Photo Credits: Tanja Millbourne)

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