New residential building with a fluid form in Paris by MAD architects

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The renowned Chinese architectural office “MAD architects” presented the project for the design of their new residential building in Paris.

This spectacular facility with fluid, playful shape and contours will be the first residential facility that MAD architects will construct in Europe in collaboration with the French architectural office Accueil – Biecher Architectes.

The new residential building UNIC will be recognizable by the interesting sinuous contours and broad green gardens that will introduce freshness and nature in the urban building. The residential project is designed to fit unobtrusively in the urban character of Paris with its architectural character that blurs the boundaries between architecture and nature.

UNIC will have 13 floors, each apartment with large broad asymmetric terraces that will have a panoramic view of the city. The object will be constructed with concrete and features with simple and elegant architectural expression.

This residential building is expected to be complete in 2018 and the architectural unit will be connected directly to the existing urban infrastructure – the subway and the neighboring commercial buildings, restaurants, cafes and kindergarten. The result is an architectural unit that will refine the social ties in this area.

(Photo Credits: www.i-mad.com)

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