Old inn transformed and repurposed into a luxury ecological hotel

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An old, almost ruined inn in Iceland has been transformed into a new modern environmentally friendly hotel.

The architectural structure and interior of the former inn has been fully restored and invigorated by the creative architectural and design team from the studio Minarc and transformed into an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and fantastic hotel in the town of Selfoss.

The modern ION Adventure Hotel, a part of the chain of hotels Design Hotels, lies in the unique natural beauty of Iceland. The luxury hotel blends the modern environmental design and remarkable natural features of Selfoss. ION Adventure Hotel consists of 45 rooms with interiors that combine harsh industrial and warm natural features – a true symbol of the beauty of Iceland and furniture from recycled and organic materials. The combination of gray concrete and local natural materials – wood and lava is used to create unique interiors in the hotel rooms and common guest rooms.

ION Adventure Hotel offers its guests a different adventurous experience of Selfoss. The spectacular building is made from wood, which is identified with the traditional Icelandic architecture. Part of the facade is transparent, made of glass, offering an unobstructed view of Iceland’s breathtaking landscape.

Placed near the volcano Hengelo and the urban core of Iceland, Reykjavik, the hotel is a blend of modern architecture and the beauty of the wilderness of Iceland. Guests can enjoy adventurous excursions and walks and learn about the volcanic and urban world of Iceland.

(Photo Credits: Minarc)

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