Apartment with bright interior in Valencia

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The studio for interior design rh worked on a project for reconstruction and design of a spacious apartment in Valencia, Spain.

After the renovation, the apartment got a natural, bright and comfortable atmosphere. This Spanish home is designed as a harmonious whole without many interior walls that would reduce the spaciousness of the apartment.

The bright interior with an area of 70 square meters is designed with a bright palette of colors for the wall surfaces and furniture. In order to make the apartment visually more spacious, the floors in all areas, including the terrace, are made of epoxy white finish. This way the architects skillfully and in an unobtrusive way managed to connect the spaces and create cohesion in the apartment.

Every space in the home is bright in an effort to capture a light and airy space that will offer pleasurably living. Exceptions to the white palette are the several wall surfaces and columns with a grayish tone that give the apartment an industrial note. The central part of the apartment is reserved for the living room, kitchen and dining room that open onto a spacious terrace covered with furniture made of OSB-plates and a large dining table with chairs and a comfortable bench for organizing family gatherings. The spacious terrace is surrounded by lush greenery and acts as a peaceful green oasis for the owners.

(Photo Credits: Rafael Ochando Fons)

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