Informal comfortable workspace in LinkedIn – Munich

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The new premises of LinkedIn Munich resemble a bright comfortable living room. The spaces are informal and warm, designed with the idea to offer enjoyable workspace.

The interior concept plan is guided by the idea of ​​creating a space of transformation. The metaphor “space of transformation” is developed on the idea for spaces in which the main features of the interior are represented by coarse materials that incorporate the basic values ​​of a company.

The architectural studio Il Prisma created workspace that supports diversity, and the natural working rhythm and the balance work and private life. The new office space for LinkedIn is a concept that creates team spirit, but also respects individual moments of concentration and focus.

The offices reflect the values of the business network: exceptionality, passion, collaboration and transformation. The approach in developing the design is thoughtful and strategic, starts from the idea to create a unique concept for a local brand that has global value. By creating a good image locally, the brand manages to strengthen and improve its image globally.

The interior of LinkedIn is designed in contemporary style, features open and closed offices where employees can work independently or in a team. The spaces are accented by wall surfaces with wallpapers with colorful graphic designs and paintings. The business area of LinkedIn is pleasant for everyday work and relaxation for the employees during breaks.

(Photo Credits: www.ilprisma.com)

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