Spacious apartment with contemporary charm in Madrid

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Spacious apartment with contemporary charm in Madrid

Pleasant, spacious and bright, the apartment “Casa CC58” is a dream come true for those who want comfortable housing in Madrid. The apartment is located in a small building of a former law firm, which is repurposed by the architectural and interior design studio “Lucas y Hernández-Gil Arquitectos”.

Through the restoration of the interior and the choice of new, modern materials, the architectural team wanted to create a dialogue between the old and the new space. “Casa CC58” is a contemporary home with bright and clean interior with open plan spaces that function as a cohesive whole. Using a mix of wood and stone as the dominant material in the interior, the apartment gets the character of the original look and the architects retained only stable the facade wall surfaces.

Casa CC58 attracts a special charm with its modern warm note, which is obtained by the selection of the range of colors, pieces of furniture and works of art. The designers used bright pastel colors for the wall surfaces and furniture that match well with the warm climate of Spain, which bring new life into the space. For the decoration of the interior designers used contemporary and vintage-furniture pieces and unique works of art.

The comfort is in the foreground, so the couch is spacious and wide, as well as an armchair and chairs for the dining table. The azure-colored carpet creates an effect like you’re at the beach, by the sea. The interior is minimalist and neat with just the essential details and seems spacious and free, just like the perfect idea of living in a Mediterranean country where the weather is always sunny and warm.

Spacious apartment with contemporary charm in Madrid1 Spacious apartment with contemporary charm in Madrid2 Spacious apartment with contemporary charm in Madrid3 Spacious apartment with contemporary charm in Madrid4(Photo Credits: www.lucasyhernandezgil.com)

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