Tel Aviv apartment in Scandinavian style

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Tel Aviv apartment in Scandinavian style

Israeli architect Dalit Lilenthal worked on a renovation project of a family home in Tel Aviv. The challenge in this renovation project was to find an ideal balance between practicality and spaciousness in the interior.

The renovation project involved complete reconstruction of the architectural structure of the apartment, the existing interior wall partitions were demolished to create a new interior plan and new organization of spaces. The new layout and plan of the premises in the apartment implied practical housing for a young couple with a child.

The creativity of the concept developed by the architect can be seen in the expert approach to each space to make it practical and spacious enough for comfortable living. The architect designed a central common area blending the living room, kitchen and dining room together, a place where the family can spend more quality time together. This section gives practical expression and also creates a sense of familiarity, convenience and comfort for anyone who steps into the home.

The rest of the apartment consists of a bedroom, children’s room and bathroom, which are closed. The interior is bright with moderate range colors and greenery that brings natural freshness in the air. The wall surfaces have Scandinavian minimalist aesthetics, while the choice of classic pieces of furniture gives the space a vintage-look.

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(Photo Credits: www.dalitlilienthal.com)