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Unusual kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are slowly becoming favorite parts for socialization of the family members and friends especially while tasty meals are being prepared. Practical and versatile, used both for preparation of food food, storage of containers and kitchen accessories, used as a bars for friends or family to help or enjoy a glass of wine while the master chef in the family prepares meals.

Kitchen islands often become desks for children or adults, a place where they write homework in a friendly atmosphere and parents do their projects while the children play or draw. Designers often try to create beautiful, unusual designs for these kitchen surfaces that will give interesting character and spirit of this element in the home.

Lego island

(Photo Credits: Celine Clanet)

This playful Lego kitchen island will immediately grow on you. It brings a cheerful and dynamic atmosphere and takes us to the carelessness of our childhood. The concept and design belong to “Munchausen” studio. The kitchen island is carefully made of 20,000 Lego blocks that create a fun atmosphere for modern homes.

Kitchen island/dining table

Unusual kitchen islands2
(Photo Credits: Dustin Aksland)

Kitchen island practically transforms into a fantastic dining table of solid walnut wood. The design brings a special warmth and weight in the space, giving a unique rustic atmosphere. The combination of rustic table with modern chairs and chandeliers by Tom Dixon give a modern look of the entire kitchen island.

Kitchen island that looks like a deck

(Photo credits:
(Photo credits:

Fans of yachts and boats can bring a nautical theme in their kitchens with this kitchen island that looks like a deck made from walnut wood.

Chess board

(Photo Credits: Matthew Williams)
(Photo Credits: Matthew Williams)

The surface of the kitchen island is made with wood in two different nuances, combined as chess board. The combination provides a fun, modern look of the space, making it an interesting, unusual dining table.

Kitchen island with red bricks

(Photo Credits: Matt Delphenich)
(Photo Credits: Matt Delphenich)

The bricks give a perfect contrast with the stainless steel top in this Boston apartment which used to be a textile factory.


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