2014 A’ Lighting Design Award Winners

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In previous articles we have featured 2014 A’ Architecture Design and Furniture Design Award winners. Now let’s take a look at some of the award winning design concepts and products in lighting category. A’ Design Award & Competition is an ideal platform for designers and companies who want to showcase their new concepts and products. It connects new designers and studios with product companies and help them realize their design concepts.

M Lamp by David Irwin


M Lamp by David Irwin is a wireless task light that you can take anywhere with you. The design of the lamp pays tribute to the old mining lamps. The lamp gives up to 250 Lumens of warm light from its movable head. The inbuilt battery powers the light from 6 to 72 hours based on the intensity level.

Schon by Mostafa Arvandbarmchi


Schon by Mostafa Arvandbarmchi is a table lamp inspired by the form and overall shape of seashells. Light source is placed in the center of the lamp and gives a soft and uniform light.

Babele Lamp by Lapo Germasi


Babele Lamp by Lapo Germasi consists of wooden sections that are completely movable. You can rotate and re-arrange the wooden sections in any order and direction.

Axteroid by 201 Design Studio


The inspiration for the Axteroid lamp by 201 Design Studio comes from the theatre reflectors and the way they illuminate certain stage areas. The lamp is made from brass or aluminum and you can use it as a floor lamp or as a ceiling lamp.

Coil Lamp by Brian Richer


The Coil Lamp by Castor Design is made of a single piece of machined aluminum, copper base, and custom spring. The machined-aluminum head houses a strip of low-power LEDs. The lamp emits a warm directional light, partially diffused by an acrylic lens.

Louvre by Natasha Chatziangeli


Louvre light by Natasha Chatziangeli is a unique table lamp that casts no shadows. The concept is based on Greek summer with big sun, endless blue sea, clean sand, islands and transparent water. The table lamp is consists of rings of Plexiglas and cork.

Ni by Terry Chow


The Ni lamp by Terry Chow combines a parasol and a garden torch. The lamp features a proprietary finger-sensing one-touch dimmer that allows the user to adjust the lighting levels.

Stratas.07 by Christan Schneider-Moll


The Stratas.07 by Christan Schneider-Moll is a minimal LED pendant light manufactured in aluminum with different finishes. The lamp features a very clean and functional design and is available in different colors.

Cubeoled by Markus Fuerderer


The Cubeoled by Markus Fuerderer is comprised of multiple transparent OLED panel that are laminated in between optical crystal, glass, or acrylic volumes. The monolith lamp emits a glare-free, omni-directional ambient light from 2 internally arranged transparent OLED panels.

Brilliant Tartan by Fumiya Ino


The inspiration for the Brilliant Tartan lamp by Fumiya Ino comes from a checked pattern scarf set against a spotlight. The frame is made from acrylic and the shade consists of three pieces of heavy paper laser cut into six pieces to create three kinds of patterns.

Didi by Status by Gianpietro Tonetti


The Didi by Status by Gianpietro Tonetti is a minimal LED table lamp that can be used in both home and working environment. The structure and light source of the lamp blend together to become one unit. The body is made of Polycarbonate.

Couples by Ekaterina Elizarova


Designer Ekaterina Elizarova has created the Couples lamp in collaboration with ceramic brand Bosa. Each lamp in the series in handmade from natural materials. The lamp is available in different color schemes such as Glossy white & Platinum, Black& Platinum, Glossy white & Copper and Matt rose gold & Glossy violet.

Divine by Ari Korolainen


The Divine by Ari Korolainen is a big LED light pot made of one or two piece of opal plastic. The pot has no bottom, so you can put it around any growing tree.

Peg-Lamp by Gagan Singh


The Peg-Lamp by designer Gagan Singh is a handcrafted table lamp that combines minimal modern design with warm organic handcrafted wood. The colored fabric cord perfectly complements the warm wood.

Lap by Michele Mamprin


The Lap by Michele Mamprin is a wireless portable lamp that uses renewable and clean energy. The light source is powered by “magnesium stack”, a chemical reaction that generates enough electricity to power a 3 watt LED bulb for 8 hours.

Roof by Hafize Beysimoglu


The Roof by Hafize Beysimoglu is a minimal ceiling lamp inspired from natural light sources, architecture, communication, people, dinners and meetings. The lamp is shaped like a roof and is made from wood and PC sheet.

Ripple by Mona Hussein


The Ripple by Mona Hussein is a unique wall light inspired from the ripples created by rain drops. The lamp is made from brass, copper or metal. The metal is hammered and cut into rings which are then placed above one another to create a pattern of ripple.

Aida by Seyed Ali Alavi


The Aida desk lamp by Seyed Ali Alavi is shaped like a horn of ram. With its sculptural and decorative form, the lamp also doubles as a decorative item on your desk.

M.t.f. (My True Friend) by Taras Zheltishev


The M.t.f. table lamp by Taras Zheltishev was inspired by the German mastiff from Sherlock Holmes movie. The form of a faithful sitting dog fits perfectly into almost any decor, from the cheerful children’s room to cold official working space.

Idiomi by Nicolò Caruso


Inspiration for Idiomi lamp by Nicolò Caruso came from the designer’s curiosity on underwater bioluminescence. The lamp is composed of two opaline polycarbonate diffusor shells illuminated by two dedicated led circuits.

You can submit your design concepts and products for next edition of A’ Design Award & Competition with great discounts during 27-30 April using the earliest bird period fees. You can get more details about the competition here.

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