The Crystal Light by QisDesign

The Crystal Light 1

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The Crystal Light 1

The Crystal Light is a versatile LED lighting fixture designed by Taiwan-based firm QisDesign. The concept was inspired by the natural crystal that diffuses amazing shimmers of light. The lighting fixture has multiple faces like diamond. You can play with these lighting units or “crystals” by assembling them into any form using magnetic power. You can create or change different lighting effects using remote control to suit the mood and environment.

In designer’s words, “When the Crystal Light is switched off, the metal look emits a mysterious image, as if it were just unearthed. When switched on, light from LED bulb hidden inside of each unit, beams though the diffuser. Colors of the Crystal Light change in rhythm, like rays of light glistening within crystal, transforming the metal surface into a seducing luminescent show.”

The Crystal Light 2

The Crystal Light 3

The Crystal Light 4

The Crystal Light 5

Image Courtesy: QisDesign

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