Small urban park for relaxation and socialization in Favara

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small-urban-park-for-relaxation-and-socialization-in-favaraZighizaghi park was created with the idea for a new interesting public space for residents in the Italian town Favara. Designers created the urban park using wooden elements and plenty of greenery that elicits smiles in the city.

The design of the park was a collaboration of OFL Architecture, the furniture company Milia Arredamenti and Farm Cultural Park. Environmental design and renewable energy are two key concepts underlying the design of the Zighizaghi.

The specific and at the same time playful form of the ecopark is inspired by the geometry of the hexagons that seen from an aerial perspective creates an image of honeycomb. The wooden hexagons boundlessly spread horizontally and thus create places for rest and spaces with greenery and flowers. The visual effect of geometric shapes in Zighizaghi is reinforced by the choice of red accent lighting fittings with polyhedron shapes distributed throughout the park.

Zighizaghi is an urban project that promotes friendship and interaction between residents in Favara. This urban oasis manages to transform the empty space in the urban corner into a dynamic space that is constantly open for visitors and everyday passers-by that can make a break from the frantic urban chaos.

small-urban-park-for-relaxation-and-socialization-in-favara1 small-urban-park-for-relaxation-and-socialization-in-favara2 small-urban-park-for-relaxation-and-socialization-in-favara3 small-urban-park-for-relaxation-and-socialization-in-favara4 small-urban-park-for-relaxation-and-socialization-in-favara5 small-urban-park-for-relaxation-and-socialization-in-favara6(Photo Credits: Giuseppe Guarneri and Riccio Blu)

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