Brooklyn apartment in modern boho-style

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Romantic and relaxing atmosphere prevails in the spacious apartment of the two stylists – Martin Bourne, an interior stylist, and Leilin Lopez, a fashion stylist in Dumbo district in Brooklyn, New York. The interior is a combination of their ideas and styles resulting in a modern, fresh and playful space. With their creative ideas, they transformed the old industrial space into a contemporary space with cheerful character and boho style.

The strong colors of the furniture and decor bring exciting energy to the entire interior, filled with interesting decorative pieces. Bourne and Lopez needed time to design the space and turn it into a warm spot. At the beginning they were not impressed by the old, almost ruined apartment with an area of 280 square meters, which was just an open space with no rooms in an old industrial building. When they were looking at the apartment, the whole neighborhood was scary and dangerous, without any interesting activities or entertainment. Despite the initial rejection, they decided to risk a few years, and their apartment began to develop with the neighborhood.

Although one can still feel the old industrial atmosphere, the decor and furniture bring enough warmth and comfort. They separated the bedroom from the common areas, although one can still feel the openness of the space. Some of the walls have soft pastel colors, which bring a relaxing, romantic atmosphere and create an illusion of a picnic by the sea or in a spacious green meadow. In the center of the whole apartment is the dining room composed of a long wooden, warm dining table.

The furniture mainly has retro-modern look. Throughout the interior there is a stunning, relaxing light as a result of the nuances and the decor. The apartment breathes a special creative character, simplicity and spontaneity, without being pretentious or too futuristic, creating a romantic and inspiring atmosphere for future projects.

brooklyn-apartment-in-modern-boho-style1 brooklyn-apartment-in-modern-boho-style2 brooklyn-apartment-in-modern-boho-style3 brooklyn-apartment-in-modern-boho-style4 brooklyn-apartment-in-modern-boho-style5 brooklyn-apartment-in-modern-boho-style6 brooklyn-apartment-in-modern-boho-style7 brooklyn-apartment-in-modern-boho-style8 brooklyn-apartment-in-modern-boho-style9(Photo Credits: Pete Bermejo)

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