Konforsit Edu.Suites, student residence with energetic youthful design

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Students in Istanbul can now enjoy the new modern student residence Konforsit Edu.Suites designed to provide superior student housing, a lot of fun and comfortable space for education. The modern student residence, created by Renda Helin design & interiors, is a set of two architectural units, one of which houses private dormitory rooms, while the other houses common areas for socialization and education, including reading rooms, libraries, cinema, gym and medical center.

The dorms are characterized by good organization of the interior so that every student has sufficient privacy. The rooms have different concepts with different elements like letters and dominant colors for each room, which help highlight the personal spaces of every student in the room. Architects kept in mind the degree of privacy for each student, so they included curtains which virtually separate the working areas from the sleeping zones.

Some rooms are equipped as apartments with kitchen, living room and terrace, while others have only bedrooms and work rooms. This way, the rooms correspond to different needs for comfortable housing in spacious rooms for two, three or more roommates. The common spaces are designed as an open amusement park with pool tables, table tennis, darts, etc. with the idea to encourage friendship and interaction between students. On the other hand, the libraries are closed spaces in which students can study independently or a team.

The interior of Konforsit Edu.Suites is vibrant, stimulating, energetic and full of youthful spirit. Designers added pop art posters and wallpapers with comic book heroes, inspirational and educational quotes throughout the common areas. Images of scientists and geniuses are part of the overall atmosphere with the idea to motivate students towards better education and motivation to change the world.

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(Photo Credits: www.konforist.com.tr)



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