Relaxed offices of the company E Bebek in Istanbul

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Global companies are increasingly investing in more informal spaces in business offices where employees can work through socialization and closer cooperation and develop ideas in the immediate work environment. The offices of the Turkish company for baby products E Bebek in Istanbul focused on this particular aspect, creating common places for lunch, informal meetings and communication that can help to improve the working environment and motivate employees.

The space was designed by OSO Architecture, who had an architectural space of 2250 square meters for 200 employees. The offices are open, divided into an ocean workspace, conference rooms and halls for lectures that are transparent and made with glass walls, a central informal space like a small living room with soft and colorful sofas, hidden behind a large block partition, an area where employees can work in isolation alone or in small teams and joint café and dining room.

Besides the building blocks that are a clear symbol of the company’s activities aimed at the youngest consumers, the reception contains a huge abacus, whose balls can be moved to inscribe the name of the company or any of its slogans.

The most interesting part is the common dining room that has great vintage table and white Eames chairs and several comfortable half-open huts with tables, where employees can have more privacy during lunch. These “houses” offer them space to work or have a small informal meeting during lunch. The whole dining room is lit by the famous chandeliers by Tom Dickson.

The space is dominated by bright colors including white and light red that are part of the company’s logo and match its identity.

relaxed-offices-of-the-company-e-bebek-in-istanbul2 relaxed-offices-of-the-company-e-bebek-in-istanbul3 relaxed-offices-of-the-company-e-bebek-in-istanbul4 relaxed-offices-of-the-company-e-bebek-in-istanbul5 relaxed-offices-of-the-company-e-bebek-in-istanbul6 relaxed-offices-of-the-company-e-bebek-in-istanbul7 relaxed-offices-of-the-company-e-bebek-in-istanbul8(Photo Credits: OSO Architecture)

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