Minimalist interior with an interesting black and white mural in Warsaw

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Conveniently located in the center of Warsaw, Poland, this house with an area of 140 square meters instills calmness and tranquility. The interior, designed by the interior design studio Mood Works, is designed with a simple minimalist approach that rests your eyes, relaxes and creates complete comfort in the space.

The key to the relaxing design in the apartment is the white color, which is present in all rooms, except the bathroom. In conjunction with the natural light that penetrates through the array f windows it creates a harmonious play of shadows and light. One of the primary goals of the project was to maintain the original structure of the space and with minimal modifications of the walls to give a fresh and bright appearance and laid-back atmosphere.

The simple white interior gets a modern and fresh character with the artistic mural by Tymek Jezierski, painted on a wall partition that separates the private from the common areas.

minimalist-interior-with-interesting-black-and-white-mural-in-warsaw1 minimalist-interior-with-interesting-black-and-white-mural-in-warsaw2 minimalist-interior-with-interesting-black-and-white-mural-in-warsaw3 minimalist-interior-with-interesting-black-and-white-mural-in-warsaw4 minimalist-interior-with-interesting-black-and-white-mural-in-warsaw5 minimalist-interior-with-interesting-black-and-white-mural-in-warsaw6 minimalist-interior-with-interesting-black-and-white-mural-in-warsaw7 minimalist-interior-with-interesting-black-and-white-mural-in-warsaw8 minimalist-interior-with-interesting-black-and-white-mural-in-warsaw9(Photo Credits:  Rafał Lipski)

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