New modern business center in Shanghai designed by Kengo Kuma

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The new business object Hongkou soho in Shanghai looks like a delicate, light feather. Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the author of this project, created a white facade with a unique form and details that give openness and lightness to this modern building in the business district of the city.

The facade is constructed with an interesting pattern of “pleated” alloy strips placed and constructed in a way that look like a delicate embroidered dress with delicate white lace. At different times of day, depending on the light, the facade interior creates an interesting play of light and shadows.

The feeling of delicacy and the complex design of the facade is reflected in the interior. The ceiling has an interesting installation of white aluminum strips with fluid form, transferring the feeling of lightness and spaciousness in the interior. The minimalist style prevails in the interior and thanks to the installation the space gets a dynamic atmosphere that inspires creativity and relaxation.

new-modern-business-center-in-shanghai-designed-by-kengo-kuma1 new-modern-business-center-in-shanghai-designed-by-kengo-kuma2 new-modern-business-center-in-shanghai-designed-by-kengo-kuma3 new-modern-business-center-in-shanghai-designed-by-kengo-kuma4(Photo Credits: Jerry Yin / Kengo Kuma and associates)

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