Snøhetta designed a beautiful tree house in a pine forest in Sweden

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For children, the places where you can isolate and sail in their own world, like the tree houses are magical spaces where everything is possible. For the adults, that childhood dream and the ability to briefly turn off the world and enjoy a little magic is offered by the unique Treehotel in Sweden, which recently got a new fascinating building designed by the Norwegian architectural studio “Snøhetta “.

Amidst the thick pine forest in the Swedish wild nature, ten meters above ground, there is a luxury new house made of wood, metal and glass that offers a beautiful, unobstructed view of the beauty of Lapland. The tree house has numerous wide windows and unusual terrace in order to allow visitors to enjoy the natural surroundings, amidst the tall pine trees, away from the city. This way the architectural structure naturally melts in the forest and breaks the boundaries between the interior and exterior, making the little house part of the forest.

The whole experience begins the moment the guests approach the woods. As you get closer to it, the view towards the house disappears and you can see an unexpected facade which is essentially the floor of the house. The surface of the floor is covered with large black and white print with pictures of trees stretching towards the sky. The 55 square meter tree house stands on 12 pillars and has a staircase and a small elevator for guests.

Wood as a natural material dominates the building. The house is made in typical Norwegian style, with wooden walls and pine tree planks. The surface of the facade is burned in order to obtain specific dark look, but also it is easier to maintain. The floor is made from ash wood and the inner walls are made of birch. The interior is in light tones with natural light that spills over from the numerous windows and create a contrast to the dark exterior of the building.

With the specific wooden interior elements and the unique location on a top of the tree, this house is a celebration of Nordic architecture and the beauty of the pine forests.

(Photo Credits: Johan Jansson)

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