Urban fitness center in the heart of Berlin

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Urban cycling, nightlife and clubbing are key elements of the dynamic nature of Berlin. The city embodies hedonistic lifestyle and urban culture, and it is best experienced on two wheels. The new fitness center Becycle in the popular Berlin district of Mitte is a combination of two key elements of the city – cycling and clubbing.

The fitness center specializes in cycling classes and the owners wanted an atmosphere that will be fun and relaxing, informal and above all, they didn’t want it to look like the standard gyms. The exercising areas look more like clubs in a more mystical atmosphere, while the other areas are relaxing like a comfortable and pleasant cafe in a more relaxed part of the city.

The fitness center in minimalist style was designed by Götz + Bilchev Architekten and Lien Tran Interior Design and DRAA. The space looks both informal and luxurious, with materials such as marble and gilded metallic locker, which create industrial atmosphere. Retaining its industrial note, the ventilation ducts are exposed and covered in black and the walls are left uncoated, while the red brick is covered in white.

The cycling hall is like a club, all in black, with strong lights that create real luminous show during classes. This interior creates a dynamic atmosphere that fosters even more vigorous and dedicated exercise.

The other area is for yoga and it’s designed in neutral tones with elements of light wood and white walls and large windows that allow natural light for a pleasant class.

There are several areas for relaxation, a coffee shop at the entrance with comfortable sofas and armchairs and a large table that can be used as a work space. This area becomes small and informal co-working corner that people can use to finish their obligations before or after exercise.

With such features the fitness center goes beyond the space for exercise, and becomes a place for socialization, work and meeting new people in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

(Photo Credits: Sven Philipp)


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