Elegant apartment in Taiwan

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Taiwan studio HAO Design created a fancy and fun home in Pingtung, Taiwan for a modern family of four. The space is an interesting combination of elegant, luxurious and fun design that meets the needs of all family members. The parents wanted their spacious three-bedroom home to be neat and elegant, while the children wanted something fun

As a compromise solution architects created more fun children’s rooms, while in the common areas like the living room they added modern elements, but still a more serious and classic. The space is in minimalist and balanced style and offers a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.

Architects chose the view of the apartment as their starting point and created the whole atmosphere and decor around it. The walls are covered with white panels and the windows are wide and thus they bring light and warmth to the interior. The white and neutral, calming tones dominate the entire area and contribute to a more elegant and more classic look.

The furniture is elegant and simple in dark tones and creates a contrast to the white background. Some of the pieces have Scandinavian look, while some are eccentric and playful like the chandelier over the dining table.

The living room is connected with the dining room and kitchen. Architects divided the living room into a common part and a more isolated part, with the famous Barcelona chair. This isolated part has more privacy and is a perfect place for daydreaming, reading or relaxing in a quiet atmosphere.

The bedroom is designed in a more classic style and even though the children’s rooms have a more elegant note they have creatively designed furniture. On the terrace there is simple wooden bench surrounded by lush greenery. The neutral tones are present in the bedrooms and bathroom, which has bright marble cream notes.

As a whole the apartment is a relaxing and elegant, but each individual area has its own charm and specific features that suit the interests and character of each family member.

(Photo Credits: Hey!Cheese)

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