Hotel that looks like a forest full of wooden houses

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The interior of the temporary Koti Hotel in Paris looks like a walk through a forest full of wooden houses. This  project was designed by Linda Bergrot and aims to capture the atmosphere of a typical Finnish experience.

Instead of standard rooms, the project is carried out with myriad of wooden houses and a common dining room instead of a special hotel restaurant. Each house is a separate comfortable hotel room. The houses are in typical Scandinavian style, which are often found in smaller Scandinavian cities in the countryside.

The whole concept of the designer was to make these few small cottages feel like home. Each guest stays in a separate house, but they have a typical Finnish breakfast on a large common dining table.

The space is designed with Scandinavian minimalist aesthetics in simple bright tones. Because of this, all rooms look comfortable and relaxing and the minimalist design encourages greater socialization among guests.

To fully capture the authentic atmosphere of Finland, the space is rich with elements by Scandinavian designers, and guests receive a special package from renowned Finnish designers. Each morning guests wake up with special lights that simulate natural sunlight – a design innovation which helps to overcome winter depression during the dark Scandinavian days and they drink their first coffee in cups designed by Finnish designers.

Still, the designer says that what is important in the space are not the Finnish elements that emphasize the contemporary Finnish design potential, but the Finnish culture of living together and sharing things, like in the smaller villages and cities.

The experimental interiors will be on display at the Finnish Institutes in Benelux, Berlin and London.

(Photo Credits: James Hart)

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