Cheerful and minimalist Dutch bedroom

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Cheerful and minimalist Dutch bedroom

Small details and decorations with cheerful colors are enough to liven up minimalist, white bedrooms. This specific bedroom in simple tones is part of a family home in Arnhem, Netherlands. The mix of Scandinavian simplicity and small details in strong neon and romantic pastel shades are dominant in the bedroom design.

The decorations and the pastel chandelier give freshness and vibrancy of the area. The bedroom is decorated with “DIY”projects , “IKEA” furniture and collection of “vintage” pieces. The whole combination of cheerful details makes the bedroom a pleasant and comfortable place, perfect for a daily dose of relaxation in the company of a good book.

Cheerful and minimalist Dutch bedroom1

Cheerful and minimalist Dutch bedroom2Cheerful and minimalist Dutch bedroom3Cheerful and minimalist Dutch bedroom4Cheerful and minimalist Dutch bedroom5(Photo Credits: Holly Marder)


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