Volna Table by Nuvist

Volna work table 1

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Volna work table 1

The Volna table is a sculptural and artistic piece of furniture created by Turkish design firm Nuvist. The table is shaped like a wave and features soft curves and fluid movement which can fit into any modern interiors. The use of new technologies and modern materials ensure that the table meet both the functionality and a unique elegant look.

Volna work table 2

In designer’s words, “It was very important to  create soft and serene experience in the tangible and the visual sense for this type of table design. The new technologies  and the modern materials were the main ingredients for the creation and these provide us to design an unbroken continuous form.

Volna work table 3

This kind of furniture can be considered a sculptural artistic piece which can fit any modern interiors and even though it can be arranged with different design styles.

Volna work table 4

Singular flowing design of Volna Table will make your interior become a dynamic and energizing place. It is suitable for different kind of places such as houses, office places, hotels, stores, exhibitions or luxury places.”

Volna work table 5

Volna work table 6

Volna work table 7

Volna work table 8

Volna work table 9

Image Courtesy: Nuvist

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