20 Best Gifts For Musicians for the Home in 2021

person playing guitar while looking at lyrics

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Can’t find the right gift for your aspiring songwriter friend, your guitar-crazy husband, or your aunt that’s in, like, three different choirs? Then, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled 20 great gifts for vocalists, guitarists, pianists, drummers, and just about any other musician out there. Read on to find a great pick to wrap up (no pun intended) your Christmas shopping for 2021. 

1. Bamboo Guitar Neck-Shaped Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set

Top Features: 

  • Beautiful, sturdy bamboo
  • Clever guitar design
  • Heat-resistant

These aren’t normal kitchen utensils — they’re cool kitchen utensils. Not only that, but they’re just right for the musician in your life who’s also a foodie. This set of four kitchen tools is constructed from sturdy bamboo that’s designed to stand up to everyday kitchen use. Reviewers loved this utensil collection as a gift idea and found them both attractive and durable.

View Bamboo Guitar Neck-Shaped Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set on Amazon

2. Game of Thrones Music T-Shirt

That's What I Do I Play Music Cool Musician Gift Men Women T-Shirt
A little mix of fantasy on a pleasantly designed shirt.

Top Features: 

  • Machine-washable
  • Multiple colors
  • Great for Game of Thrones fans

At this point, has anyone not seen Game of Thrones? With the popularity of this fantasy show, you can be pretty sure the joke will land when you gift this shirt to your musician friend. According to reviewers, this shirt looks great in person and wears well, so it’s a double win.

View Game of Thrones Music T-Shirt on Amazon

3. This is a Sharp, Not a Hashtag Glass Coffee Mug

Top Features: 

  • Glass material
  • Holds almost 13 ounces
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe

Don’t get the joke on this trendy glass coffee cup? That’s ok — the musicians in your life will. While it’s not always the case that things you see online are just as good in person, reviewers were pleasantly surprised with the size and quality. Tea or coffee drinkers will love the see-through aspect of this glass, so they can admire the deep color of their favorite drink. 

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4. UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano


Top Features: 

  • Steel and wood construction 
  • Easy to carry 
  • Pitch adjustment

If you’re looking for a new instrument for your friend but don’t have an empty space on their guitar wall, this space-saving thumb piano might be the right choice. Also called a mbira, the portable African instrument features 17 keys and is easy to play. Reviewers confirmed its ease of use and praised the instrument’s price and quality. 

View UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano on Amazon

5. Custom Engraved Drumsticks

Top Features: 

  • Engrave names or messages
  • Made of hickory
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

So maybe you didn’t expect your child to take up drums, but since they’ve found an instrument they love, why not support them with quality accessories? These engraved drumsticks carry any message you like, making them thoughtful and useful. There’s not much to dislike about these drumsticks, according to reviewers who noted the product was high-quality and sturdy, and customer support was on point.   

View Custom Engraved Drumsticks on Amazon

6. LEGO Grand Piano Model Building Kit

Top Features: 

  • 3,662 pieces
  • Great for LEGO and music enthusiasts alike
  • Detailed design

There’s always that one gift that stands out at every family Christmas. With this LEGO grand piano kit, you could easily snag that coveted spot this year. This splurge gift includes the supplies to make a roughly 9-inch high piano that can be played with the help of a LEGO app. While this kit can’t be “played” in the same way as a real piano, many reviewers loved the challenging set and highly enjoyed both the process and the finished product. 

View LEGO Grand Piano Model Building Kit on Amazon

7. Songwriter’s Journal

Songwriter's Journal (Diary, Notebook)
Writing music is so much fun with this journal.

Top Features: 

  • Holds 72 songs
  • Hardcover construction 
  • Space to write music and lyrics

Got the next Taylor Swift in your family? Help them cultivate their wordsmith skills with this beautifully designed songwriting journal that includes plenty of space to jot down song ideas, plus tips for writing music. You can claim credit for helping them get their start when they’re rich and famous. Many reviewers loved the design and layout of this book. 

View Songwriter’s Journal on Amazon

8. Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Headphones

Top Features: 

  • Long-lasting battery 
  • HD speakers 
  • Warm, thick fabric

Have a friend who’s always either playing music or listening to it? Help them through the winter season with this Bluetooth headphone beanie, complete with long-lasting batteries, clear sound, and cozy knit fabric. Reviewers loved the warmth of the beanie and were overall happy with the sound. 

View Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Headphones on Amazon

9. Epessa Leather Guitar Pick Holder Keychain

Top Features: 

  • Real leather
  • Brass key ring
  • Practical gift

If you’ve lost count of how many guitar picks you’ve found in the dryer, this combination keychain and guitar pick holder might just be an excellent gift to give your musician child or partner. The leather accessory, which would make a great stocking stuffer, was praised for its price, durability, and capacity. 

View Epessa Leather Guitar Pick Holder Keychain on Amazon

10. Genius Music Playing Cards

Laurence King Genius Music Playing Cards
Now just look at the design of the cards, amazing.

Top Features: 

  • Detailed images 
  • Multiple genres represented 
  • David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Björk, more

All of your musician friend’s heroes in playing card form — what could be better than that? This 52-card deck shakes up the traditional playing card format with images of artists such as Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Prince, and more. Reviewers loved the detailed illustrations of famous musicians. 

View Genius Music Playing Cards on Amazon

11. Guitarist Vitruvian Man T-Shirt

Guitar Shirt Da Vinci Vitruvian Man Guitar Player Musicians T-Shirt
This unique t-shirt will keep you rocking all day.

Top Features: 

  • Eye-catching design 
  • Machine-washable
  • Great for guitarists

This is the conversation-starter shirt your musician friends didn’t even know they needed. The unique design is available in multiple colors and three fits (men, women, youth). Reviewers loved the look and fit, though a few people received shirts with a low-quality print. 

View Guitarist Vitruvian Man T-Shirt on Amazon

12. Singer’s Saving Grace Throat Spray

Singer's Saving Grace® Lemon & Honey 1 ounce Non Alcohol
Help relax your voice with the help of this throat spray.

Top Features: 

  • Alcohol-free
  • Best-seller
  • Use to combat vocal strain and cold weather

Singers know the show must go on, even if they’ve got a sore throat or they’ve lost their voice. No matter what the situation, this throat spray can be a savior for amateur or professional singers when their vocal cords aren’t at 100 percent. Most reviewers called this essentially a miracle voice-saver, though several didn’t like the taste.

View Singer’s Saving Grace Throat Spray on Amazon

13. Legendary Bands Guitar Picks

Top Features: 

  • Mix of famous band logos
  • 0.71mm or 0.91 thickness
  • Great for display

The ship might have sailed for your family member to join a classic rock band, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get the gear to match their dreams. This pack of guitar picks, adorned with the logos of class bands such as Nirvana, The Beatles, and more, makes an excellent gift for music lovers. Reviewers loved the look of these picks but noted they might be better for display than actual use if you want the designs to last. 

View Legendary Bands Guitar Picks on Amazon

14. The Beatles US Tour NYC 1964 T-Shirt

The Beatles US Tour NYC 1964 Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Oh yes, the Beatles will always remain in musicians hearts.

Top Features: 

  • Timeless design 
  • Great for mega Beatles fans
  • Five color options

Fifty-plus years after the Beatles broke up, their legacy lives on. Chances are you have a Beatles superfan in your life that would love this T-shirt that commemorates their 1964 U.S. tour. Beatles fans and others in the review section loved the design and fit of this T-shirt. 

View The Beatles US Tour NYC 1964 T-Shirt on Amazon

15. Donner Adjustable Drum Throne


Top Features: 

  • Choose your seat height
  • Padded seat for maximum comfort
  • Stable base

Drum practice can last for hours — and if you’re a parent or friend of a drummer, you likely know all about that. Because of this, one of the best gifts you can give an aspiring or professional percussionist is a high-quality, comfortable drum throne. This pick from Donner features a wide, padded seat, non-slip feet, and adjustable height. Reviewers like that this throne holds up to long periods of use and is a great value for the price. 

View Donner Adjustable Drum Throne on Amazon

16. Taylor Swift – Folklore Songbook

Taylor Swift - Folklore Songbook
Hey, Taylor Swift fans, take a look at this songbook.

Top Features: 

  • 17 arrangements 
  • Written for vocals, piano, and guitar
  • Songs from the hit 2020 album

We’re proud to admit that we’re total Swifties, and we’re willing to bet that someone on your gift list is too. If that’s the case, this Folklore songbook, with 17 pieces from the 2020 album, will help them appreciate Swift’s musicianship even more. While some reviewers noted that the arrangements are in different keys than the original recordings and some of the piano lines were overly simple, many loved the way this book allowed friends and family to enjoy the music they love in a new way.

View Taylor Swift – Folklore Songbook on Amazon

17. Music On World Off Adult Coloring Book

Top Features: 

  • 30 images 
  • Color with pencils, paint, more
  • Trusted brand for coloring books

We’re not quite past the adult coloring book trend, and chances are you have friends that aren’t either. If that’s the case, they’ll love this detailed coloring book with 30 pictures ready to be customized with any choice of medium. The level of detail and overall beauty of the images are both great reasons to buy this coloring book, according to reviewers. 

View Music On World Off Adult Coloring Book on Amazon

18. Fender Clip-on Tuner

Fender FCT-2 Professional Clip-On Tuner
Tuning is so much easier with this clip-on tuner.

Top Features: 

  • For guitar and other stringed instruments
  • Tune even with background noise
  • Easily clip to your instrument

This is the gift the guitarists on your list really want. A handy clip-on electric tuner can save musicians time and ensure that their notes come out perfectly in-key. Reviewers loved this easy-to-use, budget-friendly tuner. 

View Fender Clip-on Tuner on Amazon

19. YETI Rambler Tumbler


Top Features: 

  • Multiple colors
  • 20-ounce capacity
  • Dishwasher-safe

Cold weather can be brutal on the vocal cords. Help your singer friends and family members keep their throats warm and limber at early morning chorus practices and late-night gigs with this 20-ounce tumbler that’s excellent for holding hot drinks. The stainless steel YETI mug is insulated to maintain drink temperature for hours, a claim that reviewers backed up. Overall, reviewers loved the value of this mug. 

View YETI Rambler Tumbler on Amazon

20. Orange Crush Mini Amp

Orange Crush Mini Guitar Amplifier Combo 3 Watts
It doesn't just look great, it works great too.

Top Features: 

  • Small and portable 
  • Single-channel 
  • Speaker and headphone output

Ok, yes, this mini amp is adorably tiny, but that’s not the main reason your musician friends will love it. They’ll more likely be impressed with its surprisingly powerful sound output, battery life, and range of tones, from clean to distorted. These features and more were all praised by reviewers. 

View Orange Crush Mini Amp on Amazon

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