Fun coworking space in Madrid furnished with IKEA furniture

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The workspace of “Utopic_us” is perhaps the strangest and most unconventional coworking space that you have seen. Playful, cheerful, colorful and with unusual decor and furniture, this space in Madrid looks more like a playroom than a workspace.

These unusual offices were designed by the architectural studio “Izaskun chinchilla architects”. Their inspiration is the dynamic and picturesque culture of Japan and New York. Urban style, colors everywhere on the floor, wall decor, rubber balls, it seems that the whole spirit of the contemporary Japanese culture and the courage of New York has been replicated in this space.

When designing the space, architects used the “Do it yourself” style, using essentially the technique used by the young clients of the workspace. Most of the furniture is from IKEA, only modified and edited to match the operating requirements of customers. They used shelves, storage bed drawers reused as stairs, functional furnishings and unique wall desks by the Swedish brand.

The eclectic atmosphere aims to enable customers to have a space where they’ll feel comfortable and that will fit everyone’s individual work needs. The interior is open, but it’s not jammed with too much furniture and decor. Apart from the ocean offices where the desks are made from bunk-bed drawers and the chairs are hanging swings, there are eight private offices for meetings.

In large office has a small karaoke stage, where employees and their guests can have fun or can hold conferences and debates.

(Photo Credits: www.izaskunchinchilla.es)

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