Minimalist Bed & Breakfast with contemporary charm in Barcelona

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The Spanish architectural studio Nook architects played with bright colors, tiles, old and new materials to create the new Bed & Breakfast in Barcelona. The old building was transformed into a warm, bright and pleasant space for relaxation in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Architects renovated two floors of the old building, which are arranged as apartments for guests with all the necessary details. Each room is bright with high balcony doors and windows that allow enough daylight for pleasant atmosphere. Apart from the light, the rooms are open and spacious, without too many doors and walls. Architects played with old materials, so with the renovation, the wooden beams were left in the original condition and some of the walls are left uncoated, with a visible red brick that gives a special charm to the space in combination with the colorful tiles on the floor in different geometric patterns.

With the renovation the old wooden window frames and the wooden shutters were replaced with new wooden and aluminum to improve the flow of light to the interior.

Striking element in the space are the light blue tiles on both floors. On one floors they are used in the kitchen, in order to lighten the dark kitchen and bring freshness in the bathroom where the walls are left only with red brick. Architects commented that these blue tiles are a common feature of both floors, the element that makes them part of a whole. The azure blue color that reminds of the Mediterranean dominates through the space.

The spaces are minimalist with no special decor, with comfortable furniture and warm colors. The combination of colors, natural materials and old brick walls are the main decor in the common areas and bedrooms. The design is in a contemporary style, but maintains the traditional charm of the city.

(Photo Credits: www.nookarchitects.com)

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