The Hollander, an old industrial building in Chicago repurposed into a trendy hostel

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Wicker Park, one of Chicago’s most relaxing districts full of creative murals and comfortable cafes, recently became a home to the new designer hostel The Hollander. The hostel with industrial charm and minimalist notes was designed by the French design studios Ciguë and Delordinaire.

The space seems simple, trendy and attractive to tourists who want hostel experience and the ability to meet new people while traveling. What makes this unique hostel is precisely its social character. Namely, when booking a stay at the hostel, the clients have to register their Instagram account, so they can connect with the other guests staying at the same time.

The integration of the hotel with social networks creates a community where most digitally connected travelers can meet and share common adventures while traveling.

The Hollander is located in an old industrial building from 1905, surrounded by creative art studios and interesting cafés. The building was renovated and refitted with modern design. The industrial spirit is retained in the entire building. It can be first seen in the lobby which where designers kept the old pillars and red brick walls, and part of the walls with old peeled plaster, which contributes to the whole atmosphere and brings a rustic note. The furniture is also in industrial style, with rougher features and surfaces upholstered with soft, dark leather.

The café is simple with brightly painted walls and just a long wooden table with low black metal chairs. The table can be used for morning breakfast and coffee, an individual or group lunch. The fact that it is one large common table further contributes to the idea of greater socialization between guests.

The hostel is divided into eight common multi-bed rooms and 12 double rooms for more privacy. 66 beds are available for guests in the entire hostel. The rooms are decorated simply, with minimalist wooden beds. The palette is simple black and white and gray. The wooden beds, made of light wood with its brighter shades bring a dose of nature and light into the rooms.

(Photo Credits: www.thehollander.com)

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