Mountain Modern Mood Board

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Want to feel like you are at a ski lodge or a cabin in the woods every single day? Modern mountain interior design will do just that for you. A mix of rustic and contemporary styles with a focus on elements of the natural world such as wood and stone. This design style allows you to enjoy the textures and tones of nature. Lots of layers and cozy fabrics keep you feeling comfortable and at ease. The color palette remains very neutral with mountain modern design. Shades of brown, gray, and beige make up most of the design while sleek black tones bring in that modern feel. Modern mountain design also takes on some maximalist tendencies with spaces including large furniture pieces and feeling full overall.


The main furniture piece in this design is the sofa chaise. The Asher Wide Sofa & Chaise from Joss & Main features a chaise for a great place to kick up your feet and it helps frame the space around the coffee table.

Asher Wide Sofa & Chaise | Joss & Main

More seating is provided by the pair of wooden framed chairs. The seating surrounds a lift-top coffee table. Layered rugs bring in texture and make the design feel lived in. Each side of the seating arrangement supports a side table. A dining table and chairs tie in perfectly with the pieces used in the main seating area.

Goucher Dining Table | Joss & Main

For lighting, a chandelier will be the center focal point of the design – mounted on the ceiling, while a smaller floor task lamp is perfect for a reading light. A floor pouf and a bookshelf help fill out the space. Decorative accents always bring a design to the finish line. The decor here includes picture ledges and frames, vases, bowls, books, baskets, and wall antlers. Each adds a layer to the design giving it dimension and purpose. A couple of plants, while faux, are perfect to bring the outdoors in.


The design overall has a very neutral color palette with an array of shades of brown. Medium wood tones are cohesive throughout the space as seen in the accent chairs, coffee table, side table, bookcase, and dining table. The coffee table and side table take on a more rustic look with the texture of the wood but remain modern in their shape. Furniture with sleek black framing balances out these bulkier wooden pieces. The leather used in the Cavett Leather Wood Frame Chairs by Crate & Barrel is a durable, timeless fabric choice while still offering ideal comfort.

Cavett Leather Wood Frame Chairs | Crate & Barrel

To tie the dining and living spaces together, the Laredo Brown Leather Dining Chairs are used at the dining table. The darker toned leather provides great contrast against the linen sofa and jute flatweave area rug. The floor pouf and accent rug feature animal-inspired fur giving the design a very nature-like feel.

Laredo Brown Leather Dining Chairs | Crate & Barrel


Sneaking storage into a design is great way to make a space more functional for day-to-day needs. The Ovid Solid Wood Storage Lift-Top Coffee Table opens up to provide concealed storage – perfect for hiding away those items that do not work with the design aesthetics. While not used in this design, sofa chaises can also often lift up and give you even more storage.

Ovid Solid Wood Storage Lift-Top Coffee Table | Joss & Main

The cross-back metal bookcase provides open shelf storage which allows you to display heirlooms and decor or hide more items in boxes and baskets. Using many surfaces near the seating arrangement, such as the side tables and coffee table, is essential for placing your phone or your morning cup of coffee.

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

A grander modern mountain design can be achieved through the architectural elements of a space. Stately wood beams, vaulted ceilings, and monumental stone fireplaces will elevate the overall look of this design. It is also about the view out the window so large windows and many of them are key. Additionally, sourcing local materials and furniture pieces can tie your design into the natural world around it.

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